1. You can write, that’s undeniable. Correct me if I’m referring to a totally different person but I think I’ve read your article on in-flight magazine of Ethiopian airlines.

    I have also just finished reading all your posts here. I don’t think we have enough women Ethiopian bloggers so I am delighted to see women taking no this platform.

    That’s said, let me add my wishes. I wish as you claim to be a feminist will make this blog fun, gender sensitive and not biased by status quo.

    Your post about types of women…can be funny for some but it might also reinforce wrong perceptions about women.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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    1. Thank you for kind words anon. The post on types of women online was written tongue-in-cheek, perhaps not my best work, but I in a naive way thought it might raise discussion on how our online identities might be perceived. My sarcasm however went unnoticed and drew some criticism online.

      But your point is well taken and I will always strive to improve my writing and my blog. Ps. I wasn’t the writer you mentioned, I have only written for Finnish publications and recently habeshaway.com.

      Do you perhaps have a blog that I could also follow?



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